SuperSculpt: Power Assist Liposuction Unit

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Power Assisted Liposuction Unit:

  • No expensive proprietary tubing needed.
  • All stainless steal cannulas = Last longer & more effective than Microaire.

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SuperSculpt: Power Assist Liposuction Unit

The SuperSculpt: Power Assist Liposuction Unit is a new generation power assisted liposuction system, which integrates high-speed vibrating
power assisted liposuction system. With the portable designed machine, it is feasible to implement a
vibro-liposuction surgery. It enhances the operation efficiency, and surgeons experience less fatigue during
power liposuction with easier penetration and removal of adipose tissue. Microcomputer calculates and
provides precise to-and-fro movement, known as reciprocating motion.
• High speed vibration handle with adjustable frequency.
• Portable design, packed in hand case.
• Easy-to-plug interface makes it easy to exchange the cannula without help.
• Wide voltage range suitable for various markets all over the world.
• Digital display to show the vibration speed instantly.
• Metal made main unit and handle, low heat and durable.
• High quality foot switch makes it easy to work.
• Flexible configuration for both OEM and ODM services.
– Vibration handpiece (electric)
– Main unit with digital display
– Suction cannula kit (5 different size cannulas as 1 kit)
– Foot switch
– Power cable & spare fuse
– Hand case with space for cannulas


Reciprocating Speed: Typical 60 – 3800 RPM adjustable
Reciprocating Length: 4mm (2mm + 2mm -)
Input Power: 60W
Cannula Kits: 5 pcs with different length/ports
Foot Switch: Single electric pedal
Momentary action pedal by default.
Maintained action pedal is optional
Noise: <65dB
Weight: < 3Kg
Working Environment: Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃
Relative Humidity: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 500-1060hpa
Power: AC110V – 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz ±10%

For Export Use or Training Purposes Only!!!





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