Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope


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Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope

As part of the Olympus PortaView-LF series, the Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope is a complete, all-in-one portable solution for emergency, bedside, operating room, and ICU tracheal intubations. Compatible with single-lumen endotracheal tubes with an internal diameter as small as 5 mm, as well as double-lumen tubes 37 Fr. or greater, the LF-GP is the most versatile scope of the PortaView-LF series.

The scope’s superb optics and integrated miniature light source result in bright, high-resolution images for observation. In addition, the LF-GP offers an expanded view-field size – 2.2x larger than the LF-2 scope – for even greater image detail.

Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope Features

Powerful Performance and Maximum Portability – The LF-GP is suitable for a variety of settings and is perfect for emergency procedures where trachea’s mobile intubation is required.

Exceptional Observation Capabilities, Bright images – The superb optics and the Integrated miniature light source delivers bright, high-resolution images for observation.

Compatible design – The LF-GP’s versatility is limitless; compatible with wide range of conventional light sources and video systems.

Fully Immersible Waterproof Design – The Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope is entirely waterproof and can be fully immersed in disinfectant solution for thorough reprocessing, reducing the risk of cross contamination. A rugged and durable design ensures reliable operation over extended periods.

Extended Battery Life – The built-in miniature light source is powered by the same lithium battery normally used in cameras; and uses a halogen lamp, enabling it to provide sufficient power duration and light intensity for tracheal intubation.

Olympus LF-GP Intubation Fiberscope Specifications

  • Optical System
    • Field of View: 90°
    • Depth of Field: 4 to 50 mm
  • Insertion Tube
    • Distal End Outer Diameter: 3.8 mm
    • Insertion Tube Outer Diameter: 4.1 mm
    • Working Length: 600 mm
  • Instrument Channel
    • Inner Channel Diameter: 1.5 mm
  • Bending Section
    • Angulation Range: Up 120° | Down 120°
  • Total Length: 855 mm


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