Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope Evis Exera II


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Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope Evis Exera II

Introducing the Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope.

The Olympus GIF-Q180 Endoscope Gastro-Videoscope combines high quality image with a slim design, this scope is ideal for a wide range of applications in the upper gastrointestinal tract from observation to treatment. Image quality without compromise — the GIF-Q180 measures only 8.8 mm along the entire insertion tube. This slim design allows smooth insertion into the upper gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, you will enjoy brilliant images that are clear and sharp from edge to edge and displayed on the monitor in a large display size. Versatility and state-of-the-art image resolution combine to make this the ideal solution for today’s most exacting procedures.

Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope Description

  • Clear, sharp images with large image capability
    Dynamic images with excellent detail, while the larger display size makes for optimum observation.
  • Slim 8.8 mm diameter distal end and insertion tube
    The GIF-Q180 measures just 8.8 mm in diameter at both the distal end and along the insertion tube. Improved insertion capability may make this scope easier for patients to tolerate and easier for physicians to maneuver.
  • Generous 2.8 mm diameter instrument channel
    Despite the reduction in the scope’s outer diameter, the GIF-Q180’s instrument channel has a diameter of 2.8 mm, which can easily accommodate a wide range of endotherapy accessories.
  • Easy endoscopy suite management and future expansion
    The GIF-Q180 incorporates a memory chip to store scope information such as model number, serial number, basic specifications, and white balance setting. This also makes the scope ready for next-generation system expansion.

Olympus GIF-Q180 Gastroscope Features

  • Outstanding image quality with crisp, clear images and lifelike color rendition in an easy-to-view large display size.
  • NBI function is available in combination with the CV-180 and CLV-180.
  • Slim design: 8.8 mm diameter along the entire insertion tube for improved insertion capability.
  • A 2.8 mm diameter instrument channel ensures that a wide range of endotherapy accessories can be used.
  • Four-way angulation (210° up, 90° down, and 100°right/left) enables complete and comprehensive observation within the upper gastrointestinal tract.
  • Extra-wide 140° field of view enables observation of a wide area.
  • Ergonomically designed grip enhances scope maneuverability while easy-to-access controls and user programmable switches improve operability.
  • Fully compatible with the CV-180/160/140.
  • Scope ID function stores individual scope information in the built-in memory chip and displays it on the monitor, facilitating endoscopy suite management.


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