MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Machine with Mobile Stand


MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Machine with Mobile Stand

Introducing the MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Machine with Mobile Stand and Carrying Case.

Veterinary x-ray equipment needs to be durable, lightweight and portable. The MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Machine with Mobile Stand imaging unit defines the industry standard for superior quality imaging, portability and ease of use for any application. Easily programmed for storage of five different exposure techniques, the MinXray HF 80 portable x-ray unit delivers state-of-the-art imaging and dependable performance in even the most rugged conditions.

MinXray’s full-wave rectified high frequency units are the most efficient portable x-ray generators in the world. Conventional units (self rectified, line frequency) are only about one-third
as efficient as these technologically advanced units. Therefore, considerably more radiation output per pound of system weight is available from the MinXray HF designs. As an added
benefit, the output of these units is independent of line voltage variations…. a very important feature for field use.

A favorite among equine practitioners, the state-of-the-art MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray High Frequency Ultra Light portable x-ray unit utilizes unique HighBurst™ design to reduce exposure time and the chance of
motion artifacts.

MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Features

• Extremely lightweight at 14.5 lb (6.6 kg)
• Large touch-pad control
• Compatible with all digital imaging systems

MinXray HF 80 Portable X-Ray Specifications

  • X-RAY OUTPUT 50-80 kVDC; 20mA 0.0-0.1 sec; 16mA 0.11-2.0 sec
  • AC INPUT 120 or 230 V (50/60 Hz); specify voltage desired
  • LINE VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT Automatic, dynamic
  • TIMER Ultra high resolution, 0.02-2.0 sec
  • INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY Constant potential, 60 kHz, full-wave rectified
  • X-RAY TUBE Toshiba D-0813
  • FOCAL SPOT SIZE 0.8 mm
  • TOTAL FILTRATION 3.0 mm AI equivalent
  • COLLIMATOR Continuously adjustable light beam type with central x-ray indicator, Mikasa R-200V J01
  • DUAL LASER POINTERS Max. average radiant power 3mW; beam diameter 3 mm
  • EXPOSURE SWITCH Two stage deadman type with RJ11 connector
  • EXPOSURE CORD 8 ft (2.4 m)
  • POWER CORD 20 ft (6.1 m)
  • SIZE 5.9 x 7.16 x 12.2 in (15.0 x 18.2 x 31.0 cm)
  • WEIGHT 14.46 lb (6.56 kg)
  • DR INTERFACE RJ45 connector


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