Medstone PRO-2000T Vascular C-Arm Table


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Medstone PRO-2000T Vascular C-Arm Table

Introducing the Medstone PRO-2000T Vascular C-Arm Table for sale.

Medstone PRO-2000T Vascular C-Arm Table Features and Specs

  • Height-adjustable
  • Movement choices: Lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Medstone’s tradition for quality and reliability.
  • Swiss-made electrical components – tables assembled in the USA.
  • Tabletop size: 78″ (1981 mm) long X 22″ (560mm) wide
  • Carbon fiber table top allows unencumbered imaging of the entire table length
  • Complete Rotational Coverage
  • Offset Elevating Support Tower
  • Allows multi-purpose imaging functions, such as pain management and vascular studies
  • Designed for easy patient transfer and positioning
  • Adjustable patient arm boards
  • Open design allows full Mobile C-Arm coverage
  • No side bars allow unrestricted lateral and oblique imaging around the tabletop.
  • Allows complete patient coverage for the area of clinical interest
  • Counter-Balanced lateral and oblique angulation of C-Arm around the mobile table
  • Complete flexibility for the most precise positioning
  • Allows the system to be used for multiple examinations, such as orthopedics, etc.
  • Unobstructed imaging
  • Open design carbon fiber table top
  • Full x-ray and imaging coverage of entire table length
  • Heavy-duty motorized tabletop elevation drive, lift rated @ 500 lbs.

Medstone PRO-2000T Vascular C-Arm Table Accessories

    • (2) Carbon fiber arm boards with clamps
  • 180° rotation
  • Easy on / easy off
  • Pads included
  • Can be used with a gurney
  • (2) Single-sided Arm boards
  • Carbon fiber with pads
  • 180° rotation
  • Easy on – easy off
  • Can be used with a gurney
    • (one arm board shown “moving” 180 degrees of rotation)
  • FOOT CONTROL – Heavy Duty
  • Metal, hospital grade
    • (foot control shown for PMT 8000HLTE)
  • WIRELESS REMOTE hand control with receiver

SCATTER SHIELD™ (recommended configuration)

  • Panels protect staff against scatter radiation (up to 99%)
  • Double-sided panels: 48″ x 24″
  • Anesthesia front panel: 22″ x 24″
  • Protection level: .5 mm.
  • Face rest frame
  • Crescent face cushion
  • Torso support
  • 2 adjuster pads
  • Ankle bolster



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