Medstone Elite TM3 C-Arm Table

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Medstone Elite TM3 C-Arm Table

The Medstone Elite TM3 C-Arm Table is designed for high patient access, utilizing the highest quality components and designed for ease-of-use by the medical staff with patient comfort in mind.

The tabletop has been designed to give maximum unobstructed imaging allowing 360º rotation radiation-free coverage around the longitudinal axis of the carbon fiber tabletop which makes it ideal for 3D imaging studies. The tabletop pad is also designed to give the patient maximum comfort being manufactured utilizing our patient form-fitting Visco/Memory “Sofcare” High Density foam.

Medstone Elite TM3 C-Arm Table Features and Specs

  • 5-Way with Lateral Travel
  • Motor-driven Lateral Travel (side to side): 8″ (4″ right/4″ left)
  • Motor-driven Longitudinal Travel (head to foot): 16″
  • Motor-driven Trendelenburg tilt: + 15°,-15°
  • Motor-driven lateral tilt: ± 15°
  • Motor-driven elevating travel: 26″ min., 38″ max.
  • Patient weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Table weighs approx. 650 lbs.
  • Carbon fiber tabletop: 22″ W x 82″ L
  • Narrow head profile, facial access cutout and chamfered edges
  • Unobstructed metal free imaging length: 58″
  • Radiolucent pad
  • Wired hand control
  • Patient restraints (3)

About Medstone

Medstone is a company dedicated to optimizing healthcare. They believe in the true power of data behind pharmaceutical products. The purpose of their company is to offer a new way of knowledge transfer and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Medstone offers a fully digitalized procurement platform for pharmacists. This platform provides pharmacists a clear overview of relevant pharmaceutical products, which they can share with their team and colleagues. While Medstone’s team consists of pharmacists, data scientists, software developers and research associates. Combining pharmaceutical knowledge with cutting-edge machine learning. Medstone guides pharmacists and healthcare professionals in their quest for the best pharmaceutical products and offer them a independent purchase community. Medstone strives to deliver every patient the best pharmaceutical product available.


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