Leica DM E Microscope Compound

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Leica DM E Microscope Compound

The Leica DM E Microscope Compound is designed for general biology and specific life science applications in university education and routine laboratory applications.

Its highly efficient illumination system with a more powerful halogen lamp than any other microscope in this class provides consistent color and intensity throughout the whole lamp life (over 2000 hours). The Leica DM E will enhance the quality of your microscopy work.

Equipped with the technology of a research microscope, e.g. optional Koehler illumination and phase contrast, polarization or darkfield illumination, it opens up new horizons not only for one microscopist, but using the multiviewing facility, up to ten at a time.

Leica DM E Microscope FEATURES

  • A voltage-sensing power supply optimizes light intensity regardless of voltage fluctuations, and is designed to meet international safety standards to facilitate usage anywhere in the world
  • Illumination is easily upgradeable with interchangeable 20W and 35W lamps
  • An easily-removed diffuser can provide more than 400% additional light, making the Leica DM E the brightest in its class
  • The Leica DM E illumination efficiency allows the use of a lamp with a life 20 times longer than what is used in other microscopes, saving money and time in replacements
  • An illuminated intensity control signals users when the microscope has been left on, saving on lamps life
  • An angled lamp door prevents the door from accidentally breaking
  • The system’s wide dynamic range allows for comfortable viewing for a variety of applications, including darkfield, brightfield, polarization, phase contrast and photomicrography
  • The Koehler option is available to provide illumination for more exacting techniques like phase contrast and photomicrography


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