Karl Storz SCB Image 1 Endoscopic System


– Karl Storz S3 Image 1 Head
– Karl Storz SCB Image 1 222000 20 Camera System
– Karl Storz SCB Xenon 300 301331 20 Light Source
– Karl Storz SCB Thermoflator 264320 20 Insufflator
– Karl Storz Office Cart 9802 T-20
– Arthrex 26″ Monitor

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Karl Storz S3 Endoscope Camera

The rapid growth of technology and innovation has been pivotal in developing high-quality and advanced medical devices. Karl Storz is one of the reputed companies known for manufacturing various endoscopic imaging and visualization devices. Their products are cost-effective and have a sound integration system. The company’s first HD endoscope camera was a success globally, leading to the development of the Full HD 3D endoscopy camera system. It comes with sensor technology with high-resolution images and innovative display features. Storz’s Image 1 S3 is a medical endoscopic camera system known for its in-depth imaging. It’s a 3D camera system applicable in wide medical and surgical applications, including ENT, microsurgical and more. With the 3D effect, it gives a clear and brilliant perception. The system is modular and allows you can upgrade from 2D to 3D. It shows the product’s flexibility and functionality. The company is known for infusing advanced technology into its products to deliver optimal results in surgical operations. Furthermore, this 3D imaging has a stereoscopic system that allows you to see the depth of an object, especially spatial perception. This advanced camera system gives a clearer perspective.

Karl Storz SCB Image 1 222000 20 Camera System

The image 1 hub hd family constitutes the backbone of the Karl Storz full HD imaging system the 1920×1080 resolution of the camera control unit (CCU) and the progressive scanning method guaranteed interface-free image and natural image reproduction. Time-efficiency combined with maximum patient safety mark a new milestone in the evolution of endoscopic imaging. The entire image 1 camera control unit family features the Storz communication bus (SCB). This unique property allows for the integration of the camera control unit with other Karl Storz devices into a highly connected endoscopic surgery system controllable by the camera head buttons or central touchscreen. The monitor overlay of status information like light intensity and flow is provided to the surgeon along with easy access to crucial control functions. Light sources and insufflators, all device controls united in one hand!

Karl Storz SCB Xenon 300 301331 20 Light Source

300-Watt Xenon Light Source Storz SCB 300-Watt Xenon Light Source (301331) generates very high light intensity and is suited to inspections of larger cavities which require greater illumination. The light is easily optimized via the infinitely adjustable brightness control.

Karl Storz SCB Thermoflator 264320 20 Insufflator

The THERMOFLATOR allows microprocessor-controlled CO2 insufflation into the patient’s body. The user now has an option for working with a very high flow rate of up to 30 l/min and with preheating of the insufflation gas. The device offers various operating modes, providing appropriate support for modern-day operating techniques, like the use of lasers or electrosurgery.



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