Ellman Surgitron Dual RF 120 with Smoke Evacuation System



Ellman Surgitron Dual RF 120 with Surg-e-Vac Smoke Evacuator

Introducing the Ellman Surgitron Dual RF 120. Expand your practice and capabilities with this cutting edge Surgitron Dual RF 120 Generator. It uses a high frequency of 4.0 MHz that minimizes heat dissipation and enables you to perform more advanced surgical procedures whether in office or hospital based. The system generates 120 W of power and operates at 4.0 MHz in monopolar mode and 1.7 MHz in bipolar mode.

The Surg-e-Vac Smoke Evacuation System has been designed with a high suction, high flow rate centrifugal action pump. The ultra-quiet motor is used to draw the surgical smoke from the surgical site through the vacuum tubing and into the Quad Filter™ where the surgical smoke is processed by a series of filters.

Ellman Surgitron Dual RF 120 Features

  • Dual Frequency combines two optimized frequencies – Monopolar (4.0 MHz) and Bipolar (1.7 MHz) for maximum precision and control
  • Digital Control Panel for ease of operation and a clear view of settings
  • Solid State Circuitry for dependable and consistent energy emission
  • Safety Indicators for visual and auditory alerts
  • Parameter Recall to allow rapid set-up for subsequent procedures
  • Precision: sculpt precise incisions in very thin, mobile or tension–free tissues (e.g. eyelid skin, earlobe, etc.)
  • Versatility: beyond other energy-based technologies
  • Value: patented technology with high ROI for both hospital and office environments
  • Excellent Cosmetic Results – causes minimal scar tissue
  • Quick Recovery – with less tissue destruction, healing is hastened and your patients can recover quickly
  • Decreased Postoperative Pain – high frequency RF surgery causes less trauma
  • Less Burning or Charring of Tissues – high frequency RF surgery minimizes burning of tissue, unlike laser or conventional electrosurgery
  • Minimal Heat Dissipation – maximum readability of histologic specimens

Ellman Surgitron Dual RF 120 Specification

  • Dual radio frequency electrosurgery device
  • 120 watts of power 4.0 MHz Monopolar RF for more delicate incisions Less thermal damage and spread 1.7 MHz Bipolar RF Cut, Blend, Coag, Fulgurate, and Bipolar
  • Hundreds of surgical needle choices
  • Uses Standard 110-Volt Electricity

Surg-e-Vac Smoke Evacuator Features

Quadtration Technology – Thanks to the four filters in one casing (pre-filter, UPLA,Carbon, post-filter) the Surg-e-Vac gives you the best results of all smoke evacuation systems

Surg-e-Track – A built-in electronic chip monitors the filter’s life information and ensures maximum safety.

No Additional Noise – The Surg-e-Vac varies between 52 and 65dBa depending on the power setting, allowing a smoke-free, space without creating additional noise.

As Simple As “Pull & Change” – Filter replacement does not require tools or instructions. Thanks to the “Pull & Change” system, filter replacement is a matter of seconds!

2D Unit – With its two sets of pegs, The Surg-e-Vac can perfectly fit vertically and horizontally in your office space.

World-Wide Approval – The Surg-e-Vac is registered with the FDA and authorized under CE, UL, ISO regulations.

Adjustable – The suction speed panel has 9 settings to give you the optimum efficiency from your office to the operating room, depending on your needs.

Surg-e-Safe – Among other safety features, a light indicator will remind you to send the Surg-e-Vac for service after 500 hours of use.

Surg-e-Vac Smoke Evacuator Specifications

  • Quad Filter 7/8” (22mm): 4-Stage filtration in one casing (pre-filter, ULPA, Carbon, Post-filter)
    • Particle size, μm: 0.01 with 99.99995% efficiency
  • Max. Flow Setting: Tubing Size 7/8″ | 30 cfm
  • Voltage Available: 100 – 120 V | 50 – 60 Hz or 220 – 240 V | 50 – 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 13 1/3″ W x 13″ D x 8″ H
  • Weight: 20 lbs


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