Mitek VAPR ll Electrode System


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Mitek VAPR ll Electrode System

The Mitek VAPR II Electrode System is designed to provide soft tissue ablation (vaporization), contouring, cutting and hemostasis of blood vessels during arthroscopic surgical procedures.

Versatile portfolio of VAPR electrodes – Choice of optimized electrode shape and performance features for different anatomical areas and targeted arthroscopic procedures

“Safety-Fault” feature – Protection of arthroscopic equipment from damage caused by proximity of radiofrequency energy

Automatic electrode ID detection for simple default setups – Optimized and safe performance for various electrode types without the need to manually adjust the settings

Individual control over ablation and coagulation – Flexibility and enhanced safety by adjusted ablation speed and depth of tissue effect based on anatomical area and individual patient factors

The Mitek VAPR ll Electrode System is a microprocessor-controlled, 200W, specialized arthroscopic bipolar diathermy intended for use on the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, and wrist. The unit has vaporization and blended vaporization modes for soft tissue ablation and contouring, with a desiccation mode for contact coagulation. Activation requires a continuous flow of conductive irrigating solution to distend the joint cavity and surround the tip of the specialized disposable electrodes. There are a variety of single use electrode styles to facilitate tissue access and positioning, these are supplied in various lengths and sizes. Each electrode type has automatic set-up. The handpiece accessory is autoclavable with a validated lifetime of twenty sterilization cycles.

Mitek VAPR ll Electrode System Specifications

  • Bipolar Mode:
    • Vaporization
    • Blended Vaporization
    • Desiccation
  • Power Output: Digital Controls
  • Excessive Current Alarm: Yes
  • System Failure Alarm: Yes
  • Foot-switches: Twin electrical
  • Hand-switches: None
  • Visual Output Indicator: Yes
  • Auditory Output Indicator: Yes
  • Volume control: Yes, Digital

How Does the Mitek VAPR II Electrode System Work?

Vaporization Modes (V1, V2 & V3): The increasing mode number indicates that higher maximum voltages and power outputs are available to produce a more vigorous effect. On activation, electrosurgical current heats the saline to establish a vapor pocket around the active electrode (see Photo 1). Arcs within the vapor pocket produce local vaporization of tissue. The default setting for each electrode type is designed
to deliver the minimum power necessary to sustain the vapor pocket and produce the desired tissue effect.

Desiccation Mode (DES): In this mode, the lower power settings and lower voltages across the electrode are insufficient to produce a vapor pocket. The active current is delivered to the tissue to dehydrate and coagulate without sparking or vaporization. The current then flows to the return electrode through the saline irrigant.

Blended Vaporization Modes (BV1 & BV2): Again, the increasing mode number indicates a more vigorous effect. These modes provide tissue vaporization combined with homeostasis. In BV1 mode, the output switches between the V2 and DES modes and between V3 and DES in BV2 mode.

Mitek VAPR ll Electrode System Applications

  • Resection
  • Ablation and excision of soft tissue and hemostasis of blood vessels
  • Arthroscopic surgery of
    • KNEE
      Lateral Release
      ACL Debridement
      Plica Removal
      Meniscal Cystectomy
      Labral Tear Resection
      Excision of Scar Tissue
      Subacromial Decompression
    • ANKLE
      Fracture Debridement
      Excision of Scar Tissue
    • WRIST
      Cartilage Debridement
      Fracture Debridement
    • ELBOW
      Tendon Debridement

Footswitch is included for the Mitek VAPR II Electrode System.



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