DTS Tower of Power



   The DTS Tower of power is your all inclusive Lipo system that is portable, powerful, convenient, and self-sufficient:  The standard Tower of Power includes the All new German made Vibrasat Pro that comes with 3 stainless steel Cannulas, a contoured stainless handpiece and the powerful console that can deliver a sustained 6000 RPM’s for 60 seconds for those cases where De-bulking and time is of the essence.  The DTS Tower of Power LabV3 infiltration/tumescence pump delivers programmable liquids with a touch screen capability and foot pedal to pump precise measurements in combination with your Aspirator.  The DTS Aspiration units are quiet & powerful with foot pedals for fat suction into your autoclavable or disposable  canister system.  The tower also has you covered by including a implemented stainless steel IV pole, Power outlet & Mayo stand to hold your surgical instruments.   The DTS tower of power offers the ALL-INCLUSIVE system for a package price less than you can find anywhere else in the Industry backed by our 20 plus years of Medical supply experience in knowing what todays Surgeons need to operate.

Call today to discuss your Custom set up that can Include many variations: Add a Bovie J-Plasma, Vaser system, A DTS Power procedure chair at a Tower of power discount with purchase of this System.



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