VentX 2.0 Console

A Better Way to Remove Fat

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VentX 2.0 Console Infiltration & Aspiration Unit

The VentX 2.0 Console Infiltration & Aspiration Unit is the most precise infiltration and aspiration unit currently on the market. Together, VentX and VASERlipo form an all-inclusive platform for infusion, emulsification, and aspiration designed to optimize every step of the body sculpting procedure.

With the VentX 2.0 Console, you can:

  • Easily adjust infiltration speed and direction. Slower infiltration rates provide greater comfort for wide-awake patients, while faster rates allow rapid dispersing of tumescent fluid
  • Accurately track infiltrate volume from 0 to 4,570 mL using the Precision Fluid Management System
  • Precisely set, display and control suction pressure. Physicians can reduce suction pressure with the fine-adjustment valve to preserve fat cell viability for subsequent grafting procedures. Provide continuous suction through the specially-designed vented cannula system
  • Reduce noise. The quiet system is ideal for in-office procedures
  • Easily connect with FDA-cleared fat harvesting accessories


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