Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light – Double Ceiling Mount

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Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light – Double Ceiling Mount

The Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light combines all the features you require plus increased intensity of 150,000 Lux, 4200 °K color temperature, and a design for easy maintenance, operation, and bulb replacement. This Genesis Plus Light features a 30″ diameter head with 360 degrees of limitless rotation around vertical axes, it’s drift free, has a lightweight arm system and has shadow reduction that exceeds IES Standards. The Genesis Plus offers 13,800 foot-candles with a 6-10″ spot from six 50-watt halogen bulbs.

Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light Features

  • 8″ – 10″ spot size
  • Continuous dimming
  • 30″ diameter light head
  • 4200 °K color temperature
  • High intensity 150,000 lux at 3 feet
  • Mounting system 10 feet standard
  • Easy bulb change (no tools required)
  • Completely smooth front surface for easy cleaning
  • Focus adjustments on center and side positioning handles
  • Large side positioning handles for extra convenience
  • (6) 50 W halogen bulbs wired in parallel to assure continuous illumination; each bulb rated for 1,000-hour life
  • Completely smooth front surface for easy cleaning
  • Easy bulb change (no tools required)
  • UL 544 Certified

The Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light incorporates unique “design extras”, continuous dimming, and has a convenient tool-free bulb changing mechanism with options for bulb storage. This Major O.R. halogen light also offers an hours-in-use meter as well as a completely smooth from surface for easy cleaning.

Burton Genesis Plus Major O.R. Light Specifications

  • Illuminance measured at a distance of 1 yard: 150,000 Lux
  • Color temperature: 4200 °K
  • Diameter of lighthead: 30 inches
  • Light field: 8 inches – 10 inches
  • Depth of illumination without refocusing: 17 inches
  • Focusing: Adjustable using center handle
  • Dimming: Continuous dimming (not discrete) on control panel using linear slider
  • Rotation: Unlimited (continuous) without stops
  • Sterilizable handle: Sterilizable handle locks into position with one hand
  • Number of bulbs: 6 (Double 12)
  • Light sources (halogen): 50 W | 24 V (each); wired in parallel for continuous light output
  • Rated life of halogen lamp: 1000 hours
  • Heat emission: Significantly below IEC recommended limit of 10 W/m2 at highest intensity
  • Heat on lighthead cover: Unique internal heat shields ensure that it is “cool” to the touch
  • Swivel radius of lamp housing-ceiling mounted: 54 inches to center of lamp head
  • Height adjustment of lamp housing-ceiling mounted: 20″
  • Ceiling height accommodation/voltage option: 9 feet – 13 feet (2.74 m – 3.46 m); 115 V, 230 V, 240 V, 100 V models available
  • Control Box Model Option: Wall-mounted control box measures 12” x 16” x 6” and includes on/off switch, continuous intensity adjustment and storage area for bulbs and fuses
  • Power: 300 W
  • Electrical system standards: UL 544
  • Mounting options: Single ceiling, dual ceiling, combo (with Genie® II)
  • Total weight: Single: 130 lbs; double: 210 lbs; Combo: 329 lbs
  • Seismic calculations available: Yes
  • Battery option/emergency electrical power: Yes
  • Bulb change mechanism/sealed lighthead: Changes from back without tools; front of lighthead is sealed
  • Applications: Operating Room, Emergency Room, Trauma Center, Surgery Center, LDR, Cath Lab, Outpatient Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology and Surgery Suites
  • Origin: Manufactured by Burton’s facility in Chatsworth, CA USA


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