Sunnex Celestial Star DUAL Surgical Light – Ceiling Mount

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Sunnex Celestial Star DUAL Surgical Light – Ceiling Mount

The Sunnex Celestial Star DUAL Surgical Light Ceiling Mount is ideal for surgical applications. The flexible design allows for easy angling and positioning. The space-saving structure of this state of the art surgical light is ideal for many facilities including emergency rooms, surgical centers, trauma centers and clinics. If you are seeking the ideal combination of quality and functionality in a surgical light, this product will meet and exceed your expectations.

Sunnex Celestial Star DUAL Surgical Light Features

  • Unlimited flexibility and reach – offering head-to-toe coverage in surgery
  • Virtually maintenance-free design with no hidden components
  • Unique counter balance offers drift-free performance
  • Space saving design
  • Available in ceiling, dual ceiling, wall and mobile surgical light models 115V or 230V

Sunnex Celestial Star DUAL Surgical Light Specifications

  • Power supply
    • 120 VAC | 60 Hz
    • 230 – 240 VAC | 50 Hz
  • Light intensity: Up to 64,500 Lux
  • Light source: Celestial LED bulb – Dichroic 12 V / 3 x 35 W / 10°
  • Light color temperature: Up to 4,100K
  • Medical standards: FDA Class II
  • Color: White – RAL 9002
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Bulb Lifespan: 4,000 hours

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For over 30 years, Sunnex has manufactured lighting products that set the standard for quality and durability. The MedicaLight™ product range was developed with the user and patient in mind and offers excellent versatility and ease of use. Sunnex has created a comprehensive product line that meets the needs of even the most demanding medical environments. The MedicaLight™ product range features solutions for surgical suites, doctors offices, and provides state of the art technology for specialty applications such as interventional MRI. Sunnex medical lighting offers flexible, modular arm systems and compact designs for easy installation and operation. In addition, there may be instances where a light needs to be integrated into examination tables, chairs, headwalls, trolleys, and equipment. Sunnex is the market leader in OEM services and has successfully developed custom solutions for both medical equipment manufacturers and end users. All Sunnex lights are backed by an extensive 3-year warranty on performance and parts, and the Company offers a lifetime customer support guarantee.



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