Biodex Deluxe Ultrasound Table

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Biodex Deluxe Ultrasound Table

Designed for all Ultrasound and OB/GYN procedure.

Manual positioning for:
– Height
– Trendelenburg
– Fowler Back
Hourglass tabletop narrows to 18″ to
facilitate probe positioning
Drop-down foot section for chair positioning
or stirrup use

The Deluxe Ultrasound Table features three primary positioning options: horizontal, chair, and Trendelenburg. A convenient and easy to operate hydraulic foot pump adjusts table height during patient transfers and scanning procedures. Trendelenburg positioning is easily performed with a smooth-turning hand crank. Ankle straps, located at the underside of the foot section, prevent patient sliding during Trendelenburg positioning. Fowler positioning is accommodated with preset stops every 20 degrees through an 80-degree range. The tabletop’s hourglass shape narrows to 19 inches, providing comfortable scanning probe positioning at and below the plane of the tabletop. The foot section unlocks and swings down for chair positioning, or for positioning with optional stirrups.


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