Hausted 578 SERIES Surgical Stretcher



Hausted 578 SERIES Surgical Stretcher

The Hausted 578 SERIES Surgical Stretcher is a multi-position stretcher that is commonly used for pre-induction, treatment and recovery, and transportation.  This is an all in one unit.

Designed uniquely with an articulating head section, the hausted 578 head unit can be used for specialty procedures that require a pinpoint precise head position, such as ophthalmology, ENT procedures, and plastic surgery.  The low-profile  designed head piece allows site access for both side approach and over head procedures.

Easy to reach hand and foot controls are available for height adjustment, backrest, leg section, and Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg.

Hausted 578 SERIES Surgical Stretcher Features

  • Low Profile Height Adjustable Articulating Head Piece with Dual Operation Control Knobs
  • Stainless Steel 4-Leg, 3-Position Retracto® Rails with Top Caps that Eliminate Patient Transfer Gap
  • Dual Side Foot Pedal Hydraulic Controls for Height Adjustment 24” – 32”
  • Trendelenburgs: 0° – 16°
  • Crank Operated Backrest Adjusts 0° – 90° Provides Stability during Procedures
  • Crank Operated Knee Flex Adjusts 0° – 75°
  • Brake and Steering Activation from All 4 Corners
  • 3 in [7.6 cm] comfort mattress and head pad
  • 8″ Easy Roll Casters
  • Stainless Steel Patient Surface
  • Seamless Thermoformed Base Cover with Storage and Built-In Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Perimeter Non-Marring Bumper System.

Hausted 578 SERIES Surgical Stretcher Specifications

  • Overall length: 87-1/2″ (2223 mm) with pre-operative extension; 86-1/4″ (2191 mm) without pre-operative extension
  • Side rails 14″ x 49″ (356 x 1245 mm) – upright position; 11-1/2″ x 49″ 292 x 1245 mm) – mid-position
  • IV and accessory wells: one IV and one accessory well at each corner
  • 3-Stage Telescoping IV Pole (permanently mounted at foot)
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY 500 lb (227 kg)


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