Hausted Unicare III 800 Series Stretchers

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Hausted Unicare III 800 Series Stretchers

The Hausted Unicare III 800 Series Stretcher has a thermo-formed base cover made of durable polymer for easy cleaning. The design offers you a stretcher that is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.

Hausted Unicare III 800 Series Stretchers Specifications

  • Low Height: 23 ½” (59.7cm)
  • High Height: 32”” (81.3 cm)
  • Patient Surface- Regular Width: 25 ¼” x 76” (64.1 x 193.0 cm), Extra Wide: 30 x 76 (76.2 x 193.0 cm)
  • Overall Dimensions-Regular width: 29” x 79.5” (73.7 x 201.9 cm), Extra Wide: 33” x 79.5” ( 83.8 x 201.9 cm
  • Side Rails-Retracto Rails: 59” x 15.5” ( 149.9 x 39.3 cm), Vertical Rails: 58” x 14.5” ( 147.3 x 36.8 cm)
  • Casters: 8” all-surface casters ( 20.3 cm diameter)
  • Brake and steer pedals: 4 corners
  • IV and accessory wells: 4 corners
  • X-Ray capability: Optional (standard on 829)
  • Fowler Options on Pneumatic, Crank and Manual
  • Knee Gatch: Optional
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 12”
  • Easy-lift II pneumatic assisted 90º fowler backrest, stainless steel, operable from both sides of the stretcher.

Hausted: Safety First and Foremost

Every Hausted Procedural Stretcher and Surgi-Chair offers critical safety features, such as:

  • 3-position side rails that allow optimum patient access without compromising safety
  • Brake and Steer pedals positioned to prevent awkward body movements
  • Pneumatic Assist Back Rests for easy positioning of patients
  • Center Track Steering for superb mobility and turning ease
  • Range of weight capacities of up to 800 lbs on select stretcher models, and patient surface widths to accommodate your larger patients

Hausted Procedure Stretchers and Surgi-Chairs are specifically designed to help to improve the efficiency of an ASC.

Each Hausted Procedure Stretcher and Surgi-Chair has been skillfully engineered by Graham-Field to care for your patient from start to finish, including:

  • Pre-Operative Testing and Preparation
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Post-Operative Care and Recovery

The ability to perform each stage of patient treatment on a single piece of equipment eliminates:

  • unnecessary patient transfers,
  • non-standardized equipment, and
  • greatly enhances process standardization.


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