Stryker BigWheel Stretcher 101


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Stryker Big Wheel Stretcher 101

Stryker Stretcher 101: Reliable, easy to use, while it also reduces start-Up force by 50% and steering by 60%, this product also has a litter- mounted oxygen bottle holder which helps eliminate bending. With a 700 lbs max limit being the maximum capacity of any hydraulic stretcher, Its activation code are color coded yellow, four wheel steel- ring brakes with dual activators, Excellent sturdy glide ways tm side rails ,which disappear when stowed.

Stryker Big Wheel Specification:

  • 3” (8 cm) Mattress
  • 8” (20cm) omni Surface casters
  • 26” (66 cm) or 29” (73 cm) wide patient surface
  • Locking steering caster
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Unilower Pedal
  • Big Wheel
  • Enhanced mattress 3’ (8cm)
  • 4 IV receptacles



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