Baxter Bard Infus O.R. Syringe Pump

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Baxter Bard Infus O.R. Syringe Pump

The Baxter Bard Infus O.R. Syringe Pump is a syringe infusion device that will aid in the administration of many intravenous agents given during anesthetic procedures. It provides for the convenient delivery of narcotics, muscle relaxants, and vasoactive drugs through the SMART LABEL System and is an excellent device for outpatient surgical settings.

Baxter Bard Infus O.R. Syringe Pump Features

  • Modify dose without multiple reprogramming steps.
  • Adjust settings easily at any time during infusion.
  • Change dial settings with a single hand for an immediate response.
  • Save calculation time.
  • Minimize risk of calculation error.
  • Change Infusion Parameters/Rates with SMART LABELS
  • SMART LABELS are magnetically coded/drug specific.
  • Select from the available SMART Label library.
  • Ideal for administering drugs requiring multiple dosage adjustments.

Baxter Bard Infus O.R. Syringe Pump Specifications

  • Dimensions / Weight
    • Height: 9.2 inches
    • Width: 4.5 inches
    • Depth: 2.0 inches
    • Weight: 2 lbs (with batteries)
  •  Syringes
    • Monoject or B-D
  •  Accuracy
    • Infusion: linear rate ±3%
    • Bolus: linear displacement ±3%
  • Batteries: Four “C” alkaline cells
  • Battery Life: Typical Use: 150 hours; at low battery and typical use: 4 hours
  • Operating Voltage: 5 – 7 volts
  • Low Battery Voltage: 5.0 volts (approx.)
  • Flow Rates: 0 – 600 mL/hr
  • Flow Profile: Bolus: Continuous; Infusion: Pulsed Intermittently
  • Occlusion Force: 8 ± 1 lb.
  • Maximum Occlusion Pressure: 11 psi with 60 cc syringe; 20 psi with 20 cc syringe
  • Occlusion Detection Time: 120 seconds at 36 mL/hr (inverse related to flow rate)
  • Volume Stored on Occlusion: 1.1 mL (approx.)
  • Back Pressure Effect on Accuracy: None to Occlusion Pressure

Baxter Bard Infusion O.R. Syringe Pump


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