Acuderm – Acu-Evac IE Smoke Evacuation System

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Acu-Evac® is very effective at eliminating surgical smoke which may contain bioaerosols, live and dead cellular matter (including blood droplets) and viruses. First, the patented TXTM nozzle captures and collects a wide field of surgical smoke, then the main filter removes the particulates down to 0.01 micron. Acu-Evac®’s main filter has an efficiency rating of 99.99997% on particles 0.01 micron and 0.12 micron MPPS. Gases and vapors are absorbed by activated charcoal in the main filter to eliminate the unpleasant odor of surgical smoke.

Acu-Evac® makes it easy to protect yourself, your staff and your patients from hazardous chemicals contained in blood droplets and surgical smoke. Acu-Evac is easy to use, quiet and cost effective.

Acu-Evac® IE – Because the IE Model has a higher volume performance and increased flow rate, it is ideal for procedures that generate a high volume of surgical smoke such as Fractionated Erbium and CO2 laser procedures, as well as electrosurgical and laser hair removal procedures.

  • Model IE Motor: AC
  • Model IE Air Volume: 100+CFM
  • Model IE Static Suction: 63 inches H2O

Noise: <50db Power: 110-120V 50/60Hz at 7.0 amps or 220-240V 50/60 Hz at 4.0 amps
Collection Nozzle: Patented 3-inch Clear Hyperbolic Horn with 1.3 inch I.D.
Coefficient of Entry: 98%
Loss, Fraction of Velocity Head: 4% Field of Collection: For maximum collection, hold within 3 inches.
Convenience Features: Front end filter loads within seconds, rotary variable air flow dial, variety of mounting options.
Main Filter: ULPA/Carbon filter, rated at 99.99997% at 0.01 micron and 0.12 micron MPPS.
Housing: Sealed, closed system.
Filter Life Monitors: Electronic timer-16 hours, PLUS low flow sensor/full filter alert.
Footswitch: Pneumatic Cabinet: Non-corrosive/non-conductive
Cabinet Depth: 6.5 inches
Cabinet Height: 15.5 inches
Cabinet Width: 11.5 inches
Weight: 16.6 lbs.
Footprint (with cart): 16 inches width X 19.5 inches, depth X 44.5 inches height
Cord/Plug: 8 ft. hospital grade
Classification: type BF class 1
Certification: UL2601-1, 2nd Edition, CAN/CSA C22.2 Standard 601.1-M90, CE Certified (220-240V Models)


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