Buffalo Plumesafe Whisper 602 Smoke Evacuator


Certified Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

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Buffalo Plumesafe Whisper 602 Smoke Evacuator

The BUFFALO FILTER PlumeSafe Smoke Evacuation Systems are designed to remove smoke and noxious odors produced by surgical smoke during laser and electrosurgical procedures.

The PlumeSafe Smoke Evacuation Systems have been designed with a high suction, high flow rate centrifugal action pump. The ultra-quiet motor is used to draw the surgical smoke from the surgical site through the vacuum tubing and into the ViroSafe filter where the surgical smoke is processed by a series of filters. A single disposable filter is used to simplify the installation and removal during filter changes. The filter is completely enclosed to protect the healthcare personnel from potential contamination during filter changes. One Buffalo Filter ViroSafe filter contains four different stages within to decontaminate the smoke plume.

Filter Information

New Filter Included (100% Life Left)

The filter life indicator on the membrane control panel provides a visual indication of the status of the life of the filter in use. The filter life indicator for the PlumeSafe Smoke Evacuation System(s) ViroSafe filters are as follows:

Filter Life Time

  • PSS1202 24 Hours
  • PPSS603 6 Hours
  • PSW0602 6 Hours
  • PSWTURBO 6 Hours*


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