Nouvag TCM 3000 BL


Brand New!!!

  • TCM 3000 BL Control Box
  • Nouvag Liposuction Hand Piece
  • Foot Pedal
  • Various Cannulas
  • User Manual

Nouvag TCM 3000 BL Power Assisted Lipo:

The very simple, hence almost self-explaining operation of the TCM 3000 BL made this device a highly coveted, quiet companion in many practices and operating rooms. It’s versatility ensures that this device doesn’t stand still for a day. The legendary Nouvag quality, made in Switzerland is a guarantor for peak performance and indefatigable assignment, even after many years.


• Economical due to very good
cost/performance ratio
• High performance and torque
• The continuous torque is
constantly monitored by the
control unit
• Microprocessor controlled
• The torque depends on the
rotation speed and is reached
even at low rotation speeds
• Highest quality and trouble
free use
• Wide range of features and


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