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Heine 3S LED Headlights

These LED Headlights from Heine are designed to be compact, ergonomic without any compromise. The Heine 3S LED Headlight provides optimum wearing comfort while this Powerful LED Headlight is compact and lightweight, maintaining its flexibility for continuous adjustments to spot sizes and brightness. The Heine 3S Headlight is great for illuminating demanding tasks in busy practices and assisting with a more accurate diagnosis for every examination situation.

LED Headlight Features & Benefits:

  • 50,000 Lux of bright, white light
  • Color Temperature of 6,250 Kelvin and an extraordinary 50,000 Lux of Illumination
  • Compact and lightweight. The compact design ensures clear, unobstructed co-axial illumination
  • The 3S LED HeadLight weighs only 70 grams, ensuring user comfort even during long periods of use
  • Flexible, Continuously-adjustable spot size and brightness control
  • Micro-Absorption System for the integrated cooling fan ensures quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Operating Time 10 hours with mPack and Li-ion battery for 70% more capacity than with conventional rechargeable batteries.

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