HEINE LED MicroLight 2 on Lightweight Headband




HEINE LED MicroLight 2 on Lightweight Headband

Offering the HEINE LED MicroLight, Ultralight Universal Headlight.

For those who need a compact, lightweight illumination solution without magnification, we offer the LED MicroLight. Featuring LED HQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with true and natural color rendering for every examination situation. Illumination without compromises, in a lightweight design. Coaxial illumination. Adjustable viewing angle over a wide range provides a completely shadow-free image and coaxial illumination of difficult to see areas. Compact and light design. Exclusive aluminum housing is lightweight and protects the optics against dust and moisture to ensure an extraordinary long lifespan.

HEINE LED MicroLight Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced LED Technology – 40,000 lux of illumination with a reference color temperature of 6,250° Kelvin
  • Coaxial Illumination- Mounts to your loupes in a coaxial position, to allow for shadow-free light
  • Homogeneous Illumination – Light intensity will not fade out at the edges, full brightness from edge to edge
  • Aluminum Housing – Durable and long lasting. Will dissipate heat when used for long procedures
  • Compact, lightweight – (24g) Ensures perfect comfort
  • Fully portable with mPack mini and mPack mini Belt Clip
  • Lightweight Headband – Lightweight comfort for long procedures

Intended Use
HEINE headlights are battery-operated devices intended to be worn on the users head to provide a secondary light source to aid visualization during surgical, diagnostic, or therapeutic procedures. It should only be operated by trained medical staff within a professional health facility

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