Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System with Treadmill



Schiller CS-200 TOUCH Stress System with TMX-428 Treadmill

Introducing the Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System WITH Treadmill for Sale.

The Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System is a multifunctional and PC based exercise system for 12/16-channel with fully integrated Resting ECG.
Due to its well accepted, easy operation in all modes, it is ideal for the office and for clinical applications. Integrated database connectivity to the office computer and clinical information systems allows electronic data retrieval and a paperless environment. With TMX-428 Treadmill, Height Adjustable Cart, and All-In-One PC Platform, Printer Shelf, and ECG Cable Arm Holder. Includes 2.000168 Set of standard accessories CS-200 Touch Package. Win 7 Pro Embedded.

Printer Sold Separately.

Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System Features

Modern, ergonomic design

With its small footprint and easy-glide wheels, the CS‑200 Touch fits even the smallest and crowded spaces in the hospital and can be moved easily from room to room. The height-adjustable transport cart will smoothly adapt to each user’s optimal working position.

Speed and Accuracy that make the difference

Simply touch the large, high-resolution color display and you’re in business recording, selecting and printing the highest quality ECGs faster that you can imagine. From accurate and complete data entry to customizable final reports, every detail of the Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System is designed to enhance productivity and streamline exercise ECG testing.

  • No event will be missed thanks to full disclosure storage: scroll back to previous stages conveniently during or after the exercise test. Compare information from previous tests to support diagnosis at any time
  • Immediately review ectopic beats and significant episodes with color‑coded arrhythmia classification.
  • Confirm ECG measurements on the fly with on‑screen calipers.
  • Go through final report preparation with a user-defined list of statements, and get started before the test is over.

Easy Hookup

Quickly and easily attach lead wires from your patient’s left or right side. A full-color lead map pinpoints problem electrodes on the torso.

Stand-alone or connected

  • The Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System works as a stand-alone unit or in a networked environment. Connect via WLAN or LAN to multiple acquisition and editing workstations.
  • Seamless bi-directional interface to SCHILLER SEMA-200 or SEMA3 Cardiology Information System for efficient data management.
  • Open system architecture: SCHILLER uses industry-standard communication protocols and languages to facilitate inter-operability and empower customer choice. Bi-directional interface is possible to your HIS and EMR, via HL7, DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), or XML.

SOFTWARE Included:

  • SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12/16 simultaneous leads
  • SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes, measurement markers and detailed measurement results table
  • Data management software
  • Enhanced pacemaker detection
  • Rhythm recording in resting mode
  • QT dispersion software
  • PDF export software
  • HR trend export to EXCEL file
  • Worklist software

SCHILLER Exercise EXEC and EXEC PLUS Software for Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System

  • Real-time average complexes
  • Real-time continuous ST analysis
  • Reanalyze possibility of complete exercise test with ST, HR and BP trends
  • Enlarged QRS presentation
  • User definable protocols to control bicycle or treadmill ergometer
  • 12/16-channel full disclosure of complete stress test


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