Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Based Stress System


PC-based at-104 pc stress system w/interp., exec, data management, network ready. Upgradeable to cardiopulmonary exercise, holter, spirometry and pdf output (without cart and treadmill). Note: Cart and treadmill are sold separately.

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Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Based Stress System

Introducing the Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 ECG amplifier for Resting and Exercise ECG and independent 3-channel ECG combined in one single unit.

Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Based Stress System features:

  • PC-based or standalone operation
  • SCHILLER filter technology
  • Interfaces for control of digital ergometers/treadmills
  • On-board data management
  • AT-104 networking allows you to review, edit, print, and export stored final reports, keeping your stress system free for testing
  • Bi-directional network communication provides remote access to SEMA -stored patient records

Software & Options:

  • SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads
  • SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes, measurements markers and detailed measurement results table
  • Rhythm recording in resting mode  – QT dispersion  – Worklist
  • PDF export software  – Enhanced pacemaker detection
  • SDS-104 data management:
    . archiving, serial comparisons, documentation on laser printer, networking
    . SDS 104 runs on Windows 7pro Embedded
  • Barcode reader
  • HL-7 interface to HIS
  • Exercise ECG with analysis program with ST measurement, average complexes, and trends as well as full disclosure of all 12 leads
  • Filter Technology
  • Spirometry

Note: Cart and treadmill are sold separately.

Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Based Stress – setting your mind at rest

When recording begins the signal quality is displayed on the monitor both graphically and numerically. So you can see immediately if the electrodes are incorrectly positioned, and can make the relevant adjustments.
SCHILLER’s proven measurement program and the serial resting ECG comparison options are available even in the basic version of this device. Realtime printouts can be produced at any time on the built-in thermal printer from 3, 6 or 12 leads. With outstanding resolution and the wide range of available print formats the quality of printing is very impressive.
SCHILLER’s ECG interpretation software for child and adult ECGs, with automatic measurement, delivers a fast and accurate display of the current situation. And of course the AT-104 PC recognizes all commercially available heart pacemakers.
It will monitor and store ECGs in resting rhythm over a maximum period of 90 minutes (e.g. for medication control). The QT dispersion on the AT-104 PC indicates dangerous rhythm abnormalities.
And if that is not enough – the AT-104 PC is also able to display the rhythms and averages of four resting ECG recordings (serial comparison). This makes it much easier to monitor the progress of the disease and to check the progress of treatment.


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