VASERsmooth Handpiece with Probes

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VASERsmooth Handpiece with Probes

Offering the VASERsmooth Handpiece and Probes for Sale.

With this unique feature, you can provide your patients with a comprehensive selection of body sculpting procedure options utilizing VASERlipo technology. The VASERsmooth probes are designed to perform like other VASERlipo probes and selectively break apart fatty tissue while preserving connective tissues when desired. The kit includes a specially designed VASERsmooth handpiece and a set of probes that selectively emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut the hardened fibrous septae responsible for skin dimpling and contour irregularities, which is more commonly referred to as cellulite.

This advanced instrument allows the doctor to break up the vertically oriented fibrous bands that hold the clumpy, lumpy fat. Additionally, the tip of the ultrasound probe delivers ultrasound energy to liquefy the fat thus smoothing out the adjacent areas. Areas of excess bulging of fat can also be reduced through the use of  VASER micro-cannula lipo-sculpting. The doctor will then take that liquefied fat and use it to fill in indentations or large dimples in the treatment areas. The “cobblestone” or “orange peel” appearance of cellulite, which is causing skin dimpling and contour irregularities, is more efficiently and effectively treated than ever before by VASERsmooth.

The advantage of VASERsmooth over some Laser technologies is that VASERsmooth can be twice as fast with a much safer safety profile. Unfortunately, some Laser technologies can destroy fat cells due to the excessive heat the laser emits. Thus, fat and stem cells collected cannot be used to fill in any excessive dimpling like the fat removed by VASERsmooth can. Using the VASERsmooth handpiece is twice as fast with less bruising, quicker healing and offers the unique ability to harvest fat to fill in dimpled areas of skin.

The advantage of this transplanted fat alone or coupled with either stem and regenerative cells or platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is that all these components have growth factors vital to healing and regenerating a thicker and rejuvenated skin.

VASERsmooth Handpiece with Probes package includes

  • Vasersmooth Handpiece
  • 2 Probes / Cannulas


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