Sonoscape E1 EXP Portable Ultrasound


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SonoScape E1 EXP Portable Ultrasound

Always looking to improve our products and to bring you the medical solutions you need, SonoScape has developed a new probe and function for the E1 Exp. With these additions the E1 Exp will bring users a more efficient examination experience with satisfying image quality and a smooth workflow.

Efficient Diagnosis
μ-Scan, Speckle Reduction & Edge Enhancement
Spatial Compound Imaging
PIH – Pure Inversion Harmonic
Wide Scan – Enlarged Image Area
Tissue Specific Imaging
SR Flow

Ergonomic Designs 
Up to 2 Transducer Ports
Light Weight and Compact
15.6 inch Anti-flickering HD LED Screen
Tilting Monitor Angle Adjustment
Backlit Keyboard and Intelligent Panel
Long-lasting Battery for 90 mins

Ease of Use
Quick Boot Up
Auto Brightness Adjustment
Auto Image Optimization
Auto IMT
Auto Trace

Equipped Accessories 
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Available
500GB Hard Disk
Height Adjustable Trolley
Durable, Carry-on Site Suitcase


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