Schiller PC Spirometry SP-150 Sensor with USB

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Schiller PC Spirometry SP-150 Sensor with USB

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The Sp-150 Spirometry Sensor comes with a USB and is a Windows based program that can be used as a stand-alone spirometry system when paired with the Cardiovit AT-104 PC Diagnostic system. The Spirometer SP-150 Sensor measures the flow and volume, the in and expiratory vital capacity, partial volumes, second-volume FEV1, maximum voluntary ventilation MVV, peak-flow and more than 40 sub-parameters. With it’s integrated database for measurement and patient data, the SP-150 Sensor is great for physicians to look at the data and diagnose more efficiently

The Schiller SP-150 Sensor has a disposable sensor that is replaced after each use to ensure hygienically impeccable work and increases the efficiency as the sensor does not need to be disinfected between uses, making this system available for use at all times. The disposable mouthpieces for the SP-150 sensor are tested for minimum tolerance and grant an absolutely accurate measurement.

The Schiller SP-150  hardware and software comprise spirometry, flow/volume measurement, direct and indirect maximum voluntary ventilation MVV, patient data administration, programs for provocation and bronchospasmolysis, pre/post comparisons, functions for trend, statistics, and protocol, as well as interfaces and much more. Buy your PC Spirometry Sensor SP-150 today at the Dr’s Toy Store.

Schiller Sensors SP-150 FEATURES:

  • High-quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g.
    • SCHILLER sensors SP-150 with USB interface that are absolutely insensitive to humidity
  • Efficient assisting programs to monitor important cooperation criteria
  • Large assisting pictures for an accurate control of the breathing maneuver for optimal patient motivation
  • Intelligent animation graphics for children and adults during monitoring of important measuring parameters
  • Graphic insertion of patient-specific predicted value ranges to estimate the patient cooperation
  • Large-sized online on-screen display of the measurements – essential for quick work and correct judgment of breathing maneuvers
  • Pre/post comparisons of any measurement
  • Integrated program for pre/post comparisons, bronchospasmolysis tests and provocations

Integrated program for pre/post comparisons, bronchospasmolysis tests, and provocations.

  • Pre/post comparisons of any measurement
  • Comparison already possible during post measurement
  • More safety during provocations thanks to graphic and numeric progression control with trend display
  • Free configuration, storage, and output of any specific and unspecific provocation series
  • Automatic time management system with alarm functions


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