Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG With Spirometry


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Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG With Spirometry

Offering the Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG for sale! ECG and Spirometry in one!

Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG: Simple handling / double benefit

  • Two tests in one device pay off for you
  • Both functions are controlled by the same device
  • Thanks to its low weight and handy size, the CARDIOVIT
  • The device distinguishes itself through its absolute reliability
    With the integrated high-resolution printer, you can obtain reports in A4 format, in unequaled quality and ready-to-file
    You get printouts including diagnosis and measuring values in less than 20 seconds
  • Integrated accumulator
  • Enlarged printouts and an unlimited number of copies can be obtained
  • The alphanumeric, water-resistant keyboard with function keys allows easy and quick patient data entries
  • Storage of more than 60 recordings (option)
  • Data can be transferred to a PC

Internationally renowned ECG technology

  • 6 channel real-time printout at 5, 25 or 50 mm/s
  • Automatic 6 /12 channel printout on one or two pages
  • Quick and reliable PC based interpretation and measurement program for adult and children ECGs
  • No need to repeat ECG recordings since the quality of the waveforms is optimized by the SCHILLER smoothing and baseline filters
  • Save time and paper by simply monitoring all 12 leads on the integrated 3 channel screen

Schiller AT-2 Plus ECG is fulfilling highest spirometry standards

  • Thanks to the SP-250 sensor with its unique disposable mouthpiece, the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated
  • Small and light sensor
  • Simple and quick calibration

Inspiratory and expiratory pulmonary function tests

  • FVC, SVC, MV, MVV as well as pre/post medication tests
  • Several norm value tables can be selected as needed
  • Visual support due to real-time graphics and display of the measured values on the screen



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