Richard Wolf Camera System


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– 5512 Camera system
– 5512 Camera Head
– 4251 Light Source
– Fiberoptic Cable

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Richard Wolf Camera System

Richard Wolf 5512 Endocam Camera System

With this innovative camera system from the R. WOLF ENDOCAM series, we have once again forged ahead in 1 CCD technology. Continuous development based on years of
know-how and the worldwide success of our digital 1 CCD ENDOCAM systems led to the R. WOLF DIP technology – setting new standards in digital signal processing.
The result: A superb endoscopic image with rich contrast. Even in difficult lighting conditions, the innovative technology guarantees constant image quality. The compact and ergonomic design and user-friendly controls make the 1 CCD ENDOCAM 5512 the ideal camera system for the office and outpatient applications while meeting every requirement in a hospital setting.

  •  DIP-Technology
    (Dynamic Image Processing) – continuous control of
    • Contrast enhancement
    • Signal-to-noise ratio
    • Auto gain
    for brilliant pictures in all lighting conditions.
  •  Automatic Color Correction with Memory Function
    Adaptation to color temperatures of halogen, metal vapor and xenon
    light sources
    • Natural colors on the monitor
    • No white balance is necessary when
    using the same endoscopic equipment
  •  Automatic Electronic Shutter Control
    • For optimized brightness of the endoscopic picture with all known light
  • Fixed Shutter Mode with Video Control
    • For control of self-regulating high-performance light sources
    (such as the R. WOLF LP 5123 and
    LP 5131)
  •  Soft Touch – “Easy clean”
    Front Control Panel
    • Clear layout and easy operation
    • Memory function for individual settings
    • Simple to clean and maintain hygiene
    in daily use
  •  EMC – Limit Class B
    For unrestricted application
    The combination of these features underlines
    the universal technology of this camera.

 CCD Camera Head 5512

The latest manufacturing techniques ensure
maximum performance and a long working
life – the front window of the sensor, for
example, is welded using laser technology.

  • Highly Sensitive 1/2″ Sensor Technology
    1.5 fold sensitivity compared with conventional sensors
    • Brilliant brightness and contrast even
    with extremely thin endoscopes
    • Real value for money
  • Original C-Mount Dimensions
    allowing universal application and simple adaptation to operating microscopes
    Smaller, Lighter Camera Head with
  • Dual-purpose Remote Control Button
    • Ergonomic, relaxed handling
    • Basic camera functions can be selected from within the sterile area
    • Control of peripherals (printer, video
    recorder) possible with “Remote
    • This allows remote control without the
    need to rely on other staff
  • Wide Range of Cleaning and Processing
    • Suitable for steris and Tuttnauer
    • Gas sterilizable
    •  disinfectant solution can be used
    As an alternative, we recommend the use of
    a sterile cover.
  •  CF Isolation
    for safety of medical equipment



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