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PowerX Lipo System: Precision Power-Assisted Body Sculpting


Introducing the PowerX Lipo System from Sound Surgical, a new power-assisted liposuction device. The PowerX Lipo System utilizes a powered handpiece that causes the attached cannula to rotate based on predetermined angle and speed settings, allowing physicians to quickly debunk large areas of fat. The unique rotational motion generated by the system and multiple user settings enable optimal control during the procedure and reduce aspiration time and physician fatigue.

The PowerX Difference – Why the PowerX Lipo System has several key advantages over other liposuction devices on the market

  • Rotational motion of the cannula allows physicians to remove fatty tissue all the way around the cannula, rather than just above or below the orifice.
  • Powered handpiece speeds up traditional liposuction cases and reduces physician fatigue.
  • Minimal handpiece vibration compared to other power-assisted devices on the market.
  • Vented handpiece provides continuous, uninterrupted suction and prevents tube clogging. In addition to speeding up the suction process, this can reduce trauma to the fat cells if the aspirate will be harvested for fat grafting procedures.
  • A wide range of settings allows the physician to tailor the system to anyone’s contouring application, from gentle, superficial work to more aggressive large volume fat removal.
  • Can be used with an extensive list of cannula patterns depending on physician preference.
  • The system works with all standard disposables.

How the System Works

Unlike other reciprocating power-assisted liposuction technologies, the PowerX Lipo System utilizes a rotational movement of the cannula to quickly and effectively treat fatty areas, while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue. The operator has control over the rotation angle (how far the cannula rotates), and the rotation speed (how fast the cannula rotates). In deeper tissue, a higher rotation angle and speed allow for efficient debulking of larger areas. For precision sculpting, a lower rotation angle and speed can be chosen to treat more superficial layers. The PowerX Lipo System also includes a specific Jog mode that allows the physician to orient the openings of any cannula tip to a desired starting point or “home position” prior to the start of the rotation. This ensures that the cannula orifice is positioned correctly inside the body to reduce contour irregularities, and allow for more superficial sculpting applications.

  • Rotation Angle Settings: 90° to 720°
  • Rotation Speed Settings: 100 to 420 rpm


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