Nouvag LipoSurg (PAL)

The Nouvag LipoSurg is a Power Assisted Liposuction Machine that gives better results and Reduced Patient Recovery compared to a regular liposuction machine.

Nouvag LipoSurg (PAL) Liposuction Machine For Sale

The LipoSurg system designed for Liposuction unites infiltration and the electrically supported Liposuction in a single, compact Device. The high infiltration performance of the integrated peristaltic pump together with the further developed Conform Cannula Handpiece with optimized suction channel and an improved visibility of the field of work result in a perfectly matched all-in-one device for the daily use.

The delivery of up to 27 litres per hour speeds up the infiltration procedure for liposuction and significantly reduces the costs per patient.

Technical Data

Input Voltage: 115/230 Volt at 50-60 Hz
Flow rate, infiltration pump: 1 – 27 l/h (450 ml/min)
Pressure: 2.0 bar
Conform cannula stroke: 2.0 mm
Conform cannula frequency: 2700 – 5100 strokes/min
Conform cannula motor: Electronic motor, autoclavable LipoSurg with Conform Cannula Handpiece not available in Belgium and the USA.


Best price/performance ratio
Easy handling with low maintenance effort
Continuously variable and precise adjustable infiltration performance
Delivery of tumescence liquid of up to 27 litres per hour
Wide range of features and accessories
Very fast and easy fixing of the tube set.
Easy cleaning of the device due to smooth-edged design


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