Nano Fat Processing Set



Nano Fat Processing Set

The Nano Fat Processing Set is highly specialized closed system which is made up of Aerospace Anodised Aluminum Alloy and a filtration system. The system allows surgeon to get the best quality regraftable adipose tissue. To achieve the lowest level that fat cells can reach The Nano Fat Processing Set is the simplest way to transfer that fat from micro fat to nano fat. Followed by being nano it can be re-injected into any part of the body then being either during liposuction or fat transfer surgeries.

Includes the following:

  • (1) Nano Transfer
  • (3) Transfer Mesh
  • (3) Transfer Leur to Luer ( 1.2mm , 1.4mm , 2.4mm )
  • (1) Fixed Handle Cannula
  • (1) Only one cannula of your choice , any style or size
  • Cannulas Sizes

  • Injection Cannulas ( 0.7mm x 4cm / 0.9mm x 4cm )
  • Fixed Handle Cannula ( 4.0mm x 30cm )
  • Mercedes Cannula ( 2.0mm x 15cm )

Additional information


All Three Cannulas, 2.5mm x 25cm & 3.0mm x 20cm, 2.5mm x 25cm & 2.5mm x 20cm, 2.5mm x 20cm & 3.0mm x 20cm, Processing Kit Only


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