Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer


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Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer

Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer – Tabletop DEXA Scanner.

Operating the AccuDEXA is just super easy. After placing the patient’s hand in the unit, simply follow a simple set of commands in the view screen. In 30 seconds you have the results you need. It’s as simple as taking their blood pressure! AccuDEXA assesses the phalanx of the middle finger. This BMD value is a relative indicator of bone density elsewhere in the body. The Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer estimates can also be used as an aid to the physician in determining fracture risk.

Additionally, phalangeal density tests have shown in studies with Radiographic Absorptiometry to be more predictive than both forearm and spine BMD tests in predicting vertebral deformity. AccuDEXA: The only name to consider in BMD assessment.

Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer Features

  • Quick BMD screening
  • Hand test takes 1 minute, (not foot, much more patient friendly)
  • Self-test every start-up
  • HP printer included for printed test results. (not shown in pictures but included)
  • Unit manufactured in 2003 and in excellent condition
  • Packed in factory custom box for safe shipment

Increased quality of care – accuDEXA enables physicians to comply with National Osteoporosis Testing recommendations, and helps manage periodic osteoporosis screening for at-risk patients.

Low Radiation – Scatter to the operator is only 1/15,000th of the weekly radiation exposure limit. Patient exposure is 0.0003 uSv or 1/150,000th of a typical chest x-ray.

Clinically Proven – The Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer analyzes the finger, a site with over 50 years of clinical acceptance. accuDEXA’s low precision error (<1%) allows for the detection of changes over time.

Ease of use – accuDEXA’s finger measurement procedure requires no messy creams or gels, and the patient does not need to remove any garments in order to take the test. The scan time is less than ten seconds, and the overall exam can be completed in two minutes. With its touchscreen front panel, accuDEXA is completely self contained and does not require an external computer.

Schick AccuDEXA BMD Portable Bone Densitometer Specifications

  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 15″ x 14″
    • Window Clearance: 6″ x 4.5″
  • Maximum Heat Dissipation into Oil: 110 W Continuous
  • Nominal Anode Input Power: 700 W
  • Maximum Anode Input Power: 700 W
  • X-ray Source
    • Schick Technologies P/N B7119000
    • Low Energy: 50 kVp, 0.5 mAs
    • High Energy: 70 kVp, 0.9 mAs, zinc filtered
  • Collimator
    • Schick Technologies P/N B7119200
    • 1.165 x 0.915 in lead window, non-detachable, identified by X-ray
    • Source Assembly Serial Number marked on X-Ray Source Assembly
  • Image Receptor Accessories Attenuation: Negligible
  • X-ray Source Assembly Compliance: See Safety and EMC Standards, above
  • X-ray Tube Voltage Measured By: Victoreen Neromax 8000
  • Serial Number of X-ray Tube: Make and Serial Number on X-ray Source Assembly
  • Single Load Rating: 63 Joules
  • Serial Load Rating: 88 Joules
  • Maximum X-ray Tube Assembly Heat Content: 7,000 Joules
  • Target Material: Titanium
  • Target Angle: 19°
  • Nominal Focal Spot Value: 0.8 mm (I.E.C.)
  • Filtration (High Energy Only): 0.5 mm Zn (equivalent to 4 mm Al approximately)
  • Total Filtration: Equivalent to 4.5 mm Al approximately
  • High Voltage Generator Model: Schick X-ray Corp. P/N 2426-2050X
  • High Voltage Generator Input Power: 197 V, 22 kHz, 3.75 A at 70 kVp
  • Receptor Size: 2 x 1.75 in
  • Reference Axis to Receptor Angle: 90°
  • Source To Finger Distance: 10 in
  • Focal Spot to Target Distance: 10.4 in
  • Focal Spot to Skin Distance: 9.75 ± 0.2 in
  • BMD Precision: within 1%
  • X-ray Leakage: 0.8 mR per hour at 1 yard distance
  • Effective X-ray Dose: 3E-04 uSv per scan
  • Scatter Radiation: 6.1 mR per hour at 1 yard distance
  • Calibration: Automatic, no user intervention required
  • Scan Time: Less than 1 minute


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