Morgan MEDesign Heavy-Duty C-Arm Table


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Morgan MEDesign Heavy-Duty C-Arm Table

Introducing the Morgan MEDesign Heavy-Duty C-Arm Table for sale.

Morgan MEDesign has a reputation for quality and dependability and both qualities are built into this affordable table that’s got all the basic features a Bariatrics or any other medical facility would need. Buy this excellent C-Arm Table by MEDesign and you’ll be impressed by its ability to hold up to 650-pound patients, and still be able to perform all needed tilts and extensions.
This C-Arm table was made to meet your needs if having a top-of-the-line, multi-level, guided-procedure, and heavy-duty C-Arm table is what you need.


  • 650-pound distributed patient weight capacity in ALL tilts and extensions
  • Motorized Motion
    • 4 Motions 32″ Low to 40″ High
    • 5 Motions 36″ Low to 44″ High
    • Height adjustment (nominal 8″ of travel, 31″ low to 39″ high)
    • Lateral tilt (nominal 12 – 15 degrees)
    • Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg tilts (nominal 12 – 15 degrees)
    • Extend-retract – head to foot travel (nominal 12″) – extend-retract functions regardless of tilt orientation
    • Side to side traverse travel (8″)
  • Rectangular shaped radiolucent carbon-fiber composite top
    • Chamfered radiolucent edge treatment
    • 96” L x 26” W x 1.7″ T with cantilevered 48” metal-free imaging area
    • Unobstructed floor clearance beneath imaging area
    • Additional under table clearance for Cranial/Caudad angulations of C-Arm
  • Mini-profile base preserves under-table clearance for C-Arm access and angulations
  • Wired hand-held motion control
  • Deluxe high resiliency and stain resistant coated foam table top pad
  • Padded safety strap
  • Electrical Specifications: Max Amps 12.5 – Intermittent, 60HZ – 120 VAC
  • Table Base Dimensions: 29″ x 52″
  • Overall Table Dimensions: 29″ x 98″
  • Overall Table Weight: 1600 lbs


  • MEDeStealth™ Rail Clamp System – two 6″ clamps attach anywhere along the length of cantilevered imagining area; includes two arm boards with pads.
  • SCATTER-BAN™ radiation safety accessory
  • Rectangular / Face Cutout Rectangle
  • 29″ Rectangular Top and Pad
  • 1 to 5 Motion Foot Pedal Motion Control


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