ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm and O/R Operating Table


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ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm Table and O/R Operating Table

Built with the highest standard of quality, with intuition and stability in mind, the ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm and O/R Operating Table exceeds the industry standards in patient positioning, featuring a C-arm compatible table top with up to a 1000 lbs lift capacity (optional). The ATS general surgical table is equipped with a 180-degree rotating tabletop to maximize patient imaging access. The horizontal movement feature maximizes efficiency in patient imaging. The ATS can also be adjusted to a low height of 24 inches off from the floor to allow the surgeon better access while sitting.

ATS Surgical Table Safety

The ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm Table is mobile with 4 anti-static casters. The floor lock system braces the table in place with unyielding stability. A battery backup system (optional) can continue to power the table for hours in case of a power failure. The hand controller is outfitted with safety locks to avoid unintentional table movement. A return to level height can be done quickly and efficiently with the touch of a button.

  • Silent electro-hydraulic movements
  • 500 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • Electronic control with safety lock
  • Mobile anti-static casters with floor lock
  • Horizontal Slide for Imaging Applications
  • 180-degree table top rotation
  • Flex/Reflex positioning
  • Easy access to electro-hydraulic system for service
  • Battery backup, OPTIONAL
  • Auto-reset/level function, OPTIONAL
  • 1000 lbs. Lift Capacity, OPTIONAL

ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm and O/R Operating Table Positioning

  • Back Up/Down
  • Legs Up/Down
  • Flex/Reflex
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse
  • Upper/Lower Body Imaging

Ergonomic Hand Control

  • Easy Touch Positioning
  • “E” Lock button to avoid accidental movement
  • Floor lock/Unlock
  • Optional Return to Level

ATS Electro-Hydraulic C-Arm and O/R Operating Table Specifications

  • Height 700 mm ~ 1100 mm
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
  • Title Left/Right Oblique 15°,
  • Chest Plate Adjustment 25°/ 35°
  • Back Plate Adjustment +75°/ -20°
  • Head Plate Adjustment +20°/-90°
  • Leg Plate Adjustment 90°
  • Leg Plate Angle 0~ 90°
  • Rotation 0~ 180°
  • Longitudinal Shift 350 mm
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Reset to Level Function Optional
  • Emergency Power Supply Optional