Mizuho OSI Wilson Frame 5319G


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Mizuho OSI Wilson Frame 5319G

The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Frame provides a convenient and stable method for maintaining patients in a flexed position for various lumbar procedures. Made with carbon composites and high impact plastics, the Wilson Frame delivers unrestricted radiolucency at the operating site.The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Frame is available. The spinal surgery top model allows for maximum hip flexion and minimum lordosis when used with the leg sling. This frame may also be used in conjunction with the 180º patient rotation capabilities of the modular table systems to safely position a patient without lifting.


  • 300lbs Weight Limit
  • 360° Imaging
  • Flexed Arches
  • Sloped Pads
  • Manual Crank Adjustment
  • Radiolucent


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