EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II



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EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II

The EmCyte Executive Series Centrifuge II has even more power, and a lighter bucket model. These modifications improve blood and bone marrow separation in less time than its predecessor.

The buckets are specifically designed with aerosol caps that stops blood automation during centrifugation. This addition provides safety controls for the patient, and continuously sets EmCyte apart from its competition. The braking system has been improved to continue optimal separation in a significant reduced braking time in comparison to the Elite Series Centrifuge.

Top notch performance has now come to a centrifuge machine that’s elegant, lightweight, and digitally operated. The machine is mobile and has a smaller footprint, allowing it to be used in very confined spaces. While operating the machine’s noise level is comparable to that of a whisper, making it a pleasure to use in all types of clinical situations.

The AdiLight-2 is a Plasma Activation Device that provides selective monochromatic frequencies in the colored light spectrum, increasing IL-1RA and stimulating the release of growth factors from PRP — and activates stem cells from a quiescent into an active state.
The PhotoActivation Technology of AdiLight-2 is increasingly being used in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) preparations for Osteoarthritis, Muscle Tears, Degenerative Knees, Tendon Injuries, Ligament Injuries and Joint Pain.
Ten minutes exposure of PRP to AdiLight-2 photoactivation, before injecting, has been found to reduce inflammation and increase healing by enhancing growth factors and increasing Interleukin I – Receptor Antagonist.
Patients, instead of waiting weeks or months, begin to feel relief from pain within a couple of days.
Healing is Accelerated and Post-Treatment Pain for PRP Patients Reduced:
Once the PRP is ready, it is activated for 10 minutes using AdiLight 2 before injection back into the affected area. Commonly, photoactivation using AdiLight 2 increases Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-1RA) and that decreases the pain and inflammation associated with PRP injections.Benefits to Doctors Using PhotoActivation:
• The PhotoActivation Process Takes Only 10 Minutes.
• AdiLight-2 is Easy to Use. No Need For Monitoring.
• Training Not Necessary.
• Can be Used with Any High Quality PRP Kit.
• Used for Both Orthopedic or Cosmetic PRP Applications.


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