LW Scientific Microscope

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LW Scientific Microscope

Offering the LW Scientific Microscope for sale.

Student Series microscopes offer a lot of microscope for the money. They have what schools and hobbyists are looking for in a compound microscope, all in an economical package.  While not offering all of the features, upgrades, and options as our 3088 Premium line of microscopes, the LW Scientific Microscope is a solid choice for those wanting a quality instrument on a budget.

LW Scientific Microscope Features

  • DIN Achromatic Objectives
  • Optical Glass Lenses
  • Parfocal, parcentered
  • Metal Focus Gears
  • Cool Fluorescent lighting (Portable, rechargeable LED option on the SAF models)
  • Locked-in widefield eyepiece with pointer
  • Metal alloy frame construction
  • Inclined rotating head for viewing from any position around the table
  • Coarse and Fine Focus
  • Slip clutch to protect focus gears from being damaged due to “over cranking”
  • Adaptable for Mechanical Stage (Option)

There are three models in the Student Series, all with the quality optics and smooth controls that customers have grown to expect from LW Scientific Microscopes.


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