Idi Aspect 100HT Procedure Table High Tilt Fluoroscopic

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Idi Aspect 100HT Procedure Table High Tilt Fluoroscopic

Introducing the Idi Aspect 100HT Procedure Table for sale.

Fluoroscopy procedures are performed to help diagnose disease or to guide physicians during certain treatment procedures. Some fluoroscopy procedures may be performed as outpatient procedures while the patient is awake – for example, upper gastrointestinal series to examine the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine, or a barium enema to examine the colon.

Other procedures are performed as same-day hospital procedures or sometimes as inpatient procedures, typically while the patient is sedated – for example, cardiac catheterization to examine the heart and the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. Still, other fluoroscopy procedures may be performed under general anesthesia during surgery – for example, to help align and fix fractured bones.

The Idi Aspect 100HT Procedure Table High Tilt Fluoroscopic Features

  • Motorized tilt from horizontal to 75° upright with footswitch operator control
  • Tilt speed ≈ 4°/sec. (≈ 20 seconds to full stroke)
  • Built-in footboard for “step-on” patient loading with table in upright position
  • 525 lb. (238 kg) patient weight capacity
  • Ultra-stable during tilt motion and in any table position
  • Easy C-arm imaging access in any tabletop position
  • Carbon fiber tabletop: artifact-free, low x-ray attenuation
  • Fixed tabletop height in horizontal position: 32” (81.3 cm)
  • Footboard position with table upright: 5” (12.7 cm) above floor
  • Made in the USA
  • Long, slim-profile wheel base for
    • Excellent stability and safety
    • Unencumbered C-arm access
    • Very low table weight for easy maneuverability and transport
  • Small base pedestal and very large, unencumbered imaging areas: 59 – 72 inches (150 – 183cm), depending on model
  • High-quality, carbon fiber tops for excellent fluoroscopic imaging with minimal x-ray attenuation
  • Highest quality mechanical components for exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Sleek, easy-to-clean base and covers
  • Multiple table top styles for optimal design and performance based on customer clinical requirements
  • A common platform for a wide range of motorized and manual movements
    • Application-specific designs, the right price-performance solution for every customer


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