GE Mac 1200 Medical System


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GE Mac 1200 Medical System

Introducing the GE Mac 1200 Medical System.
GE Mac 1200 Interpretive EKG ECG Machine offers a comprehensive solution, complete with the practical features clinicians at smaller hospitals, clinics and physician offices appreciate. The MAC 1200 is a compact 12-lead electrocardiograph designed for acquisition – with or without analysis. The system can be configured as a basic electrocardiograph without analysis for facilities with minimal ECG requirements. The system can also be configured to incorporate the proven 12SLTM ECG analysis program. Adding the 12SL program creates an electrocardiograph with the industry leading interpretation program and measurements. If your facility only requires measurements, we offer a version with 12SL measurements only. To assure the highest possible standards in quality and continuity of care, many clinicians are looking for ways to integrate their ECG data with data from affiliated healthcare systems.

Product Features

• Waveform display
• Full-size paper reports
• 12SL measurements, interpretation and memory available in any combination
• Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis
• Battery powered
• Compact, lightweight design with carrying handle

Dimensions and Weight

• Width: 370 mm / 14.5 in
• Height: 95 mm / 3.7 in
• Depth: 320 mm / 12.6 in (include handle)
• Weight: Approximately 5.6 kg / 12.3 lb (with battery)
• Operating Position: Horizontal


Waveforms and alphanumeric characters are recorded directly with rectangular coordinates by means of thermal-array printhead printing on thermosensitive paper.
• Three or six recording channels, or 12 in 12 Lead Mode, overlapping
• Baseline pitch 3 channels: 62 mm (arrhythmia)
• 6 channels: 31 mm (6 Lead)
• 12 channels: 16 mm (12 Lead.)
• Writing width 200 mm maximum
• Recorder settings, date, time and entered patient name are annotated in the margin of the recording strip
• With appropriate software, documentation of analysis results in the respective operating mode
• Resolution of the recording: Vertical: 8 dots/mm
• Horizontal: 25 mm at 25 mm/s


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