Erchonia Zerona Verju


-Most Modern Therapy for Cellulite Appearance.
-Painless procedure with no recovery time.
-No adverse events or side effects.
– Results in Only Two Weeks.


The Verjú laser system contains six low-level laser beams that scan the area for 15 minutes in an effort to reduce the appearance of cellulite (15 minutes per area). The Erchonia percussion instrument is then used to massage the area for two minutes per treated area. 30 minute treatment session for body contouring (15 minutes per area front and back). Patients can resume their normal activities right away after their session since there is no pain, heating of the tissue, or incisions. Although not necessary, diet and exercise should be promoted for the most effect. Depending on how severe they think the cellulite is, the doctor will decide how many treatments are necessary.

  • Most Modern Therapy for Cellulite Appearance
  • Painless procedure with no recovery time
  • No adverse events or side effects
  •  Results in Only Two Weeks


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