Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC- Full Tower System




  • Ellman 4.0
  • Ellman Surg-E-Vac
  • Foot-pedal
  • Original Hand Piece
  • Grounding Plate
  • Brand New Smoke Evac Filter
  • Proprietary Ellman Cart
  •  Instruction Manual




Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC

The Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC generator is geared toward doctors who want to perform advanced surgical procedures, but who are not interested in doing wrinkle treatment. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes heat dissipation and thus cellular alteration. The system generates 120 watts of power and operates at 4.0 MHz in monopolar mode and 1.7 MHz in the bipolar mode.

Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC Features

  • Reduced post-operative discomfort
  • Minimal scar tissue formation
  • Maximum readability of histologic specimen
  • Enhanced healing
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Neutral Plate with return monitor for safety (audio and visual)
  • Computerized “Auto Start-up Test” with fault indicator
  • 4 Waveforms and 5 modalities (including bipolar)
  • Autoclavable, Disposal Handpieces, and Neutral Plates
  • Detachable Power Plug
  • Easy-access fuses
  • Adjustable Volume for activation indicator
  • Output power memory
  • Effective user-friendly design
  • FDA 510K
  • Isolated Circuitry for Safety
  • Digital Dosage Power Readout
  • Dual Footswitch for Cut and Coag functions.
  • Unique 3-button Fingerswitch for waveform selection and activation

Dual Frequency – combining two optimized frequencies Monopolar (4.0 MHz) and Bipolar (1.7 MHz) for maximum surgical benefits – outstanding control and precision

Digital Operation – for accurate parameter selection and viewing

Solid State Circuitry – for dependable, consistent energy emission

Safety – due to fewer safety precautions as compared to lasers or conventional electrocautery

Visual and Audible Safety Indicators – to ensure maximum patient safety

Parameter Recall – allows rapid set-up for subsequent procedures

Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC Specifications

  • Wavelength: Radio Frequency – Monopolar and Bipolar
  • Maximum Frequency
    • Monopolar: 4.0 MHz
    • Bipolar: 1.7 MHz
  • Consumption: Maximum 120 W
  • Indicated Uses: Surgical Procedures

Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC Includes

  • Bipolar Forceps x2
  • ACe-Tip Non-Stick Forceps x1
  • Bipolar Cable IEC-JX/B
  • Lap/Endo Monopolar Cable IEC-UC
  • Dual Frequency Footswitch and Cable
  • MicroInsulated Needle Handpiece with Locking Chuck
  • 3-Button Fingerswitch Blade Handpiece with Locking Chuck


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