Zimmer Cryo Alternative: DTS Cryo Chiller

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Zimmer Cryo Alternative: DTS Cryo Chiller

The Zimmer Cryo Alternative: DTS Cryo Chiller offers clear and easy operation and is intended to minimize a patient’s pain and injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief from injections. The 1500W high-power compressor provided by Danfoss ensures that the system can work continuously for a long time. The high-speed fan makes the air emit a strong cooling effect, and the fan automatically adjusts with the temperature setting. Self-defrosting is for the best refrigeration performance. The self-draining system ensures safe and clean use. The support rod device of the blowing pipe makes the operation more comfortable.


  • Compressor imported from Japan operating on DuPont, environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a
  • Ultra-low temperature refrigeration down to -30° C
  • Applicable to foreign machines (same size as ZIMMER Cryo Chillers and Foton Cryo Chillers)
  • 5.1L large capacity bellows, sustainable ultra-low temperature treatment
  • Dedicated bracket for easy operation with orientation, Like the Zimmer Cryo Chillers
  • 2.4-inch true color touch screen, visual human-machine interface, Similar to the Zimmer Cryo 6
  • 700L/min super strong wind speed, 8 gears adjustable, suitable for various treatments
  • The whole machine is equipped with silencer to reduce treatment noise and make treatment more comfortable
  • Super strong platform, placed with a variety of instruments for use.

The equipment is suitable for photoelectric equipment such as 808 laser, IPL, 980 laser, CO2 laser, radio frequency, Pico laser, etc. It can be used to cool the skin to avoid burns and reduce pain.


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