Convergent Odyssey 30 Laser System


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Convergent Odyssey 30 Cosmetic Laser System

Introducing the Convergent Odyssey 30 Cosmetic Laser System.

Holmium laser system for stone management and soft tissue.

The holmium laser effectively broadens endoscopy from a diagnostic to a therapeutic modality. Traditional concerns of lateral tissue damage due to a misdirected fiber is minimized because most of the laser energy is absorbed by the aqueous environment leaving almost no energy to damage surrounding tissue.

The Odyssey 30 patented variable pulse width and Fast-Rise-Time Top-Hat Waveform technology generates high peak power pulses for fragmenting calculi and generates longer exposure pulses for coagulation of soft tissue for maximum versatility in urinary tract applications.

By optimizing the laser output mode, the Odyssey 30 enhances the inherent properties of the holmium wavelength, making it an ideal surgical tool for endourology and many other soft tissue surgical specialties.

Convergent Odyssey 30 Cosmetic Laser Features and Benefits

The Odyssey comes in a compact package and offers many advance and unique features.

  • Variable pulse width technology gives the surgeon unparalleled flexibility to switch from disintegration of stones to ablation and coagulation of soft tissue with just one push of a button
  • Easy to use touch screen interface with very smart electronics
  • Green aiming beam provides optimum color contrast on tissue
  • Complete line of fiber-optic delivery systems and accessories
  • Low cost 200 micron fiber delivery system for accessing the lower pole of the kidney
Convergent Odyssey 30 Specifications
Laser Type Pulsed CTH:YAG (holmium:YAG)
Laser Wavelength 2100 nm
Maximum Average Power 30 W
Pulse Duration 350, 700 microseconds
Pulse Energy 0.4 to 3.0 J
Repetition Rate 5 to 20 Hz
Visible Aiming Beam 532 nm (green), 3 mW maximum,
user adjustable
Electrical Requirements 115/230 V~
15 A single-phase
Safety Compliance UL/CSA 2601, EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-4, EN 60825-1


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