Biovac Laser Smoke Evacuation Unit

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Biovac Laser Smoke Evacuation Unit

Intorducing the Biovac Laser Smoke Evacuation Unit.

  • Removes airborne vapor containing potentially harmful microbes and viruses
  • Disposable, one-piece filter stops particles to 0.02 microns
  • Quiet, high powered motor
  • Portable with adjustable handle
  • Includes one filter assembly and disposable tubing
  • Automatically turns on when electrode activated
  • Automatically shuts off after a five second delay when electrode deactivated
  • Compatible with any electrosurgical, laser, or electrocautery unit
  • Proudly made in the USA

The unique Wallach Biovac Surgical Smoke Evacuator efficiently removes airborne vapor produced during electrosurgical, laser, or electrocautery procedures that may contain potentially harmful microbes and viruses. The Smoke Evacuator features a quiet, high-powered motor and disposable, one-piece filter that traps particles down to 0.02 microns. The Biovac Laser Smoke Evacuation Unit is designed to complement Wallach’s Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical System or may be used with any other electrosurgical, laser, or electrocautery unit.

The Biovac Laser Smoke Evacuation Unit features a circuit that automatically turns on the unit when the electrode is activated, and automatically shuts off after a five second delay when the electrode is deactivated. The Smoke Evacuator features an adjustable handle and wheels, effectively creating a mobile cart for the electrosurgical system once assembled. The handle conveniently holds a tray and serves as a mount for the Quantum 2000 Generator. The Biovac Smoke Evacuator includes Disposable Smoke Evacuation (DSE) tubing and one-piece filter. Additional tubing is available for purchase under the Accessories tab. The Wallach Smoke Evacuator is proudly made in the USA.


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