Bronchoscope Flexible Fibre Light Olympus BF Type 40


Bronchoscope Flexible Fibre Light Olympus BF Type 40


  • Field of View – 120 deg
  • Depth of View – 3-50mm
  • Insertion Tube – Instrument channel, Light guides, Objective lens
  • Bending Section Angulation – Up 180 deg, Down 130 deg
  • Total Length – 840mm
  • Working Length –  550mm
  • Channel Inner Diameter – 2.2mm
  • Flexible Outer Diameter – 5.9mm
  • Minimum Visible distance – 5mm from distal end
  • Operating Temp – 10 C to 40 C
  • Channel Cleaning Brushes
  • Suction Cleaning Adaptor
  • Mouthpiece
  • Suction Valve
  • Biosy Forceps
  • Biopsy Valve
  • Channel Opening Brush
  • Suction Connector Cleaning Brush
  • ETO Cap


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