Boston Scientific Endostat III Electrosurgical Generator


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Boston Scientific Endostat III Electrosurgical Generator

Introducing the Boston Scientific Endostat III Bipolar / Monopolar Electrosurgical Generator.

Boston Scientific Endostat III Features

  • CONTROL CUT mode is designed to allow the operator to cut in increments by cycling the output power off and on at a predetermined rate
  • Pad contact monitoring circuit is intended to provide enhanced procedural safety by monitoring contact between the patient and the pad
  • Dual capability design is engineered to permit monopolar or bipolar energy
  • Integrated variable speed E-Z Load peristaltic pump is designed to produce irrigation flow to assist in clearing bleeding sites

Bipolar Operation – Designed for compatibility with Injection Gold Probe Single-Use Electrohemostasis / Injection Catheters and Gold Probe Single-Use Electrohemostasis Catheters

Procedural Efficiency and Control – Designed for compatibility with Boston Scientific single-use polypectomy snares, sphincterotomes and hot biopsy forceps

Two Bipolar Modes – Continuous or variable time, designed to vary the duration of energy delivery. The monopolar capabilities of the Endostat III generator are intended to provide physicians the ability to perform certain therapeutic procedures using standard monopolar devices such as polypectomy snares, sphincterotomes, and hot biopsy forceps.

The Boston Scientific Endostat III features a new safety standard that utilizes two separate warning systems intended to help identify the cause of a problem and prevent surgical error. The “pad fault” warning system is designed to detect a poor connection between the generator and the pad or between the pad and the patient. In the event of a fault, the RF power is designed to be inhibited until the connection is corrected.

Our model of the Boston Scientific Endostat III Electrosurgical Generator (#M00540200) includes dual foot pedal and power cord, is in proper working condition and is in excellent condition. 


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