Biocare iE12A Digital 12-Channel ECG

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Biocare iE12A Digital 12-Channel ECG

Introducing the Biocare iE12A Digital ECG 12-Channel

PDF: Biocare Specifications

The device contains 8.9 inches color touch screen with high brightness and supports hand writing. Alphanumeric keyboard is water-resistant and contains silicone keys having backlight. Waveforms are in ratio of 1:1 with grid lines in the background that matches the diagnosis practice of doctors. To display ECG leads connection, electrodes connection diagram is to be clicked. Twelve lead waveforms of last 300 seconds can be recorded and reviewed. It detects arrhythmia and provides analysis of R-R interval and analysis reports in brief and detailed manner.

Exclusive analysis for children and adult are provided. Data can be searched through disease, ID, medical record number, patient information and date. Color of grid line, gain symbol, lead symbol, text, background and waveform can be altered. Exclusive ECG data acquisition box is available with a separate function key. Various ports are present such as LAN, USB, SD card, VGA which ensures easy transfer of data. Recording is done in various formats of 3×4, 3×4+R, 3×4+3R, 6×2, 6×2+R, 6×2+3R, 12, 12+R, 12+3R, rhythm mode. Data of ECG can be saved in XML or JPG format.

Key features and benefits of the Biocare iE12A Digital 12-Channel Touch Screen ECG include:

  • Touch Screen
  • 8.9 inch high brightness colour LCD display, 12+1 waveforms
  • Alphanumeric keyboard with backlight silicone keys, waterproof design
  • 1:1 grid line background can meet the reviewing habit of doctors
  • R-R interval analysis, brief and detail analysis reports
  • Specificity analysis for adult and children
  • Real-time waveform display, freezing, report observation
  • Various recording modes meet different requirements
  • ECG data can be saved as JPG or XML format
  • Support data transmission to PC via LAN port, USB port, SD card (WiFi option available)


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